OK, you're here to build an Engine 6 website

Building a website for a dealership has never been so easy.

 Scroll down to learn about this super simple and fun process.

Step 1. Create a website in Ignite.

Start by visiting "General info" link fired by "Wrench" on the left panel.

Then click on the "Add website" button.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Build your website under the Company: DealerFire Test

Step 2. Fill out the required fields on the "General" tab.

Fill out the required fields on the "General" tab with your website's domain name and your website's name.  You should also fill out the address and phone numbers (these will be used throughout your website, namely, in the Header and in Contact modules).


IMPORTANT NOTE: Your domain name should be entered in the format yoursitename.dev.dealerfire.com

The '.dev.dealerfire.com' portion will be the same for all test websites.  Do not enter 'www.' or 'http(s)://'

Step 3. Change settings on the "Inventory" tab

Select "Engine6" from the "website dealers" dropdown. 
as it's shown to the right.
Then hit "Create" button at the bottom-right of the page.
After you hit the Create button, scroll down to the bottom of the Inventory tab and find Website search.  Select "Yes" to enable Features Filtering and Inventory Standardization.

(!) Make sure you select "Primary" radio button after you select the inventory feed from the "Website Dealers" input field.


(!) Notice that a new "System Settings" tab appears after you hit "Create" button. 

Step 4. Make changes on the "System settings" tab

On the "System settings" tab, apply the following settings:
Enable HTTPS: NO (why no HTTPS?)

Website engine: Engine6

AssetsCDN enabled,CCSS Enabled: yes

Cache memcache Server: node1-memcached.e6env (this is default, you don't need to change it)

Debugger sentry: unchecked (you need to UN-check this box)


Click "save" button.

Step 5. Set up your new website in Builder

Go to Builder > Page Builder in Ignite (toolbox icon in panel to the left).

Make sure your company is still set to DealerFire Test, and the new Dealership & Website you just created is selected.


From the dropdowns, you may select any existing Engine 6 site you wish to clone from.  I suggest choosing your favorite from our Themes Page.

... then hit the "Get Started" button. This process will take some time to complete (~5 or 10 minutes).

(!) If the loading stops, and you see "Get Started" button appear again, click "Page Builder" in Ignite (left panel) navigation, and you should be taken to your new website in Builder.

(!) It will probably take some time to load.  Whenever you are cloning from an established site (which is what you are doing), you may not see all elements loaded.  Simply hit "Publish"  at the top-right of the page to complete the cloning process... at which point, all assets within Builder should load.

OK, now you've got your own Engine 6 website!

Wasn't that easy?

Now go grab some coffee and let your creativity shine.

If you have some trouble along the way or just have some improvement ideas, there is a handy HipChat group called Websites | Engine6 Help. There are a lot of bright minds and E6 experts in that room that can help!




- Your friends in R&D